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We have launched the project website

Dear friends, those of you who have been coming to us for a long time will know about our plans for the completion of the hydropavilion - the last part of the Holos Centre still awaiting reconstruction.

In order to fulfill our promise that this plan will become a reality in a few years, we have prepared this new website and are launching the international project Holotropic Breathing in Water to raise funds for the construction of the hydropavilion. We are embarking on a big task, but we go into it knowing that if our plan is good and we can explain it well, it will certainly find its supporters. We're looking forward to it because it's not just about the building, it's not just about the pool, it's about our clients who can find their way to recovery more quickly through therapy in water, and that's why we're doing it.

We'd love you to join in. Keep in touch, ask questions about what interests you. Let your friends know about this project. Support us with a tax-deductible donation, one-time or regular. Help us as a volunteer. Thank you!

Jdeme na to!

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